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ティンガティンガアートは、Tingatinga Arts co-operativeにて認定されたアーティストを正式なティンガティンガアーティストと定義しています。


  1. Akilimali Issa Abdallah

Akilimali or more widely known as Akili was born in 1977 in Nakapanya village which is in Ruvuma Tanzania. He is an experienced artist with a widely known reputation across Tanzania. His uncle was Edward Tingatinga the founder of Tingatinga style.

All his uncles and brothers were artists and they had witnessed Tingatinga rising to fame, so he grew up with aspirations of becoming a great artist.

In 1996 Akili moved to Dar es salaam Tanzania to develop his artistic career and found his brother Salumu Mussa Lumumba and moved with him at Msasani a place vibrant with art. From there on he continued painting and garnishing his skills, his main teacher and friend was Abas Mbuka who was also known for his unique paintings and style of presentation, he managed to sell his works nationally and internationally and gain recognition and a place among artists in Tanzania.

Akili uses all media according to the requirements of a particular piece of work but mostly he uses oil on canvas to express his ideas.

His inspirations come from the national parks and game reserves he has visited across Tanzania such as Lake Manyara and Tarangire, also the Tanzania culture inspires him to paint.

He has done exhibitions in places such as National Museum, Shaban Roberts, Zanzibar, Arusha across Tanzania. He has also travelled Japan exhibiting his works where he was received very warmly.

Akili aspires to be an artist recognized worldwide for his works and to be a major artist in the international level.